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                  This photograph was taken about 1917 in an underground mine shaft.

                  This horse was totally blind, as were all such horses due to a lifetime in total darkness.

                  It is the most impressive image I have ever seen.

                  It depicts the American way of life and the effort it took our forefathers to build this great counrty.

                  Often when I have been discouraged and despondent beyond words,

                  I have looked at this picure and said to myself, "I will pull it one more mile" .

                 With that attitide in mind and with an averaage amount of intelligence, any person can certainly 

                 make a success of their life in this land of free enterprise.                                                                ​

Ross Taylor                            

​​This image and caption refl​​ects the work ethics of our company.


Principles: Tim Baskerville, Shawn Parsons​

1985: Tim and Shawn worked together for several large commercial / industrial plumbing and pipe fitting company's in the Sacramento Valley and Bay Area out of the Sacramento local Plumbers and Pipefitters Union. They also worked for competing companies for several years.

2002: Tim started working construction on his own.

2003: Shawn joined Tim and they decided to go with what they knew best so they concentrated on plumbing.  

2007: Established a California Corporation

2007-2009:  Hired on 8 Employees 4 of which are still with us today.

2011-2012: Additional hiring for office staff and field as we become one of the plumbing contractors of choice for several general contractors. This enabled us to keep our crews working through the slow times.

Present: We currently employ 5 office staff and 31 plumbers and laborers in the field. We are lucky to have a great group of employees. All hard workers. Most men started their plumbing careers with us and it has been a pleasure to show them what we consider the best way to plumb and help them learn a trade that will be in demand for eternity.  These men have taken the company to heart as their own and Shawn and Tim look forward to passing it on to them in the future.

​We feel we can continue to grow at a steady pace as these young men become (each day) more skilled in the plumbing profession and continually take on added responsibilities and take ownership of the projects they work on.